Michelle Ana & Ana Esther

For years, we (Ana and Michelle) have known each other because we went to the same church, The Camp, in Elizabeth, NJ. On our own, our lives ventured into getting married and relocating down south. After years of living separate lives apart from each other, we both ended up back in New Jersey for unexpected reasons. We reconnected and a genuine friendship began to brew (no pun intended, but we both love tea)! What’s funny is, both of us love God and love people, but we are a bit “relationally challenged” when it comes to making friends. When we connected again, we knew that God was behind it all, and the stretching began.
The journey has been gruesome to say the least, yet God trusted us with our stories for a purpose. It has been an unfolding journey filled with pain, anger, grief and loss. Yet it has intentionally been infused with wholeness, love, joy, laughter, clarity, purpose, passion, light, friendship, sisterhood, community, healing and growth. Our lives have taken twists and turns in ways we couldn’t have scripted ourselves, but the Author and the Finisher of our faith knew exactly what He was doing when tragedy met treasure, found in sisterhood.
So here we are, as Be Made Whole (Ana's company) & Love Michelle Ana (Michelle's company) joining forces. Our collaboration is about community, transparency and the  struggles we encounter on a daily basis as young women of faith. Together we realize that wholeness is a journey of receiving God’s love and reflecting it onto others.
We love, we live and we definitely laugh. We invite you on this journey to walk in your God-given identity as daughters of the King. JOIN THE JOURNEY & COMMUNITY OF WHOLE LOVE with us!