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This month is always very significant for me. Not just because it's my daughter and I's birthday, but because it is the month where many take the time to give THANKS in an intentional way. It's the month where I get to celebrate the life I didn't think I would live past the age of 15, and the life of the gift of LOVE God granted me, in the beautiful baby girl, I never could even dream of having!

I've always been very simple when it comes to my birthday. I don't ask for much. Just presence. I love being around people that I love and that love me. Now, don't get me wrong, gifts are always nice, but I prefer just having a good laugh, food and creating new memories! 

For those that know me well, they know that serving is one of the things that capture me most. And this year, for my birthday, I want those who want to celebrate me, to celebrate it a little differently. I don't need a birthday party. We can do that on any day.  You all know how much I like to eat! And Dominican Cake comes in handy on ANY DAY! But what I truly want is to be celebrated by family, friends and followers joining me to help others. To see smiles on people's faces by being the hands and feet of Jesus with you all is a GIFT in and of itself. Whatever money you'd want to spend extra, donate it to a cause that matters! 

So here is what I want everyone I know and knows me to be a part of this month.


For my birthday, choose 1 or all 3 of the things you'd like to do with me! Sign up and meet me there!!


1. Be Made Whole is joining Change Church for "Love Fest!"Join me on Saturday, November 18th | 10am-2pm | Love Fest | Trenton, NJ

  • Complete the Form and Select "EWING" as the Campus. 
  • Select how you would like to serve or donate. 
  • Let me know that you're coming and what area you'll be serving on Instagram or Facebook!

2. Be Made Whole is joining the CAMP for "Each One, Bless One!" Join me Sunday, November 19th  | 2pm | Elizabeth, NJ

  • Bring nonperishable items from the list below this week to the church.
  • OR come with me on Sunday at 2pm to help with packaging and delivering the boxes to the families in need in the cities of Elizabeth, Newark and surrounding areas. Each box will contain all the family needs to cook an entire dinner for Thanksgiving and then some! 
  • If you know of any family that would be blessed as a recipient of a box, let me know to add them ASAP!

3. Be Made Whole is joining Partners in ACTS. Join me THURSDAY, November 23rd  | CHOOSE YOUR SHIFT | Share the Harvest | Newark, NJ

  • Join Be Made Whole to help throughout this week if you can't come ON Thanksgiving Day!
  • Come with me Thursday morning at 10am to help with preparing, packaging, sorting or delivering food in the city of Newark. 
  • If you know anyone or family in need, let me know to add them to receive a pre-cooked warm meal!