Day 5 is here and we are covering a funny yet practical topic for letter E! I'm not sure if any of you have struggled with waking up early but that wasn't my ministry for a long time!! LOL! Check out our thoughts! Make sure to get your copy of the book for only $6. Link Below. Join us as we read each story and then comment below on your thoughts!! Make sure to read the chapter and let us know what you think about today’s topic!

Challenge: Read Chapter E (Earlier is Better) of "Baby Lessons from A to Z." (DOWNLOAD BOOK) Watch the video on YouTube! (BE MADE WHOLE TV)


Applying the Baby Lesson: What have you neglected because the schedules and time hoarding realities have gotten in the way? What can you think about needs your attention again and you need to execute a plan of action? Share your thoughts and the time you plan on reclaiming to focus on what matters! :)