Am I the only that doesn’t like pain? I know I’m not a fan and much less seeing my baby in pain. It just does something on the inside! But we can’t avoid pain forever. And some pain is actually necessary and that’s what Z and I talk through today! Let’s talk! If you haven't downloaded the book, make sure to get your copy of the book for only $6. Link Below. Join us as we read each story and then comment below on your thoughts!!

Challenge: Read Chapter T (Teething Pain) of "Baby Lessons from A to Z." (DOWNLOAD BOOK) Watch the video on YouTube! (BE MADE WHOLE TV)

Applying the Baby Lesson: None of us like pain. If I’m honest. I try to avoid it at all cost. Are you anything like that? How do you feel about pain? Have you considered some things or areas of your life where you found pain to have been actually necessary? We’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts! :)