Breastfeeding is such a beautiful act of God between a mother and her child. I remember fearing for a moment that she wouldn’t latch on immediately or that I would not be able to endure the process. I wasn’t sure what it would take, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do so. I learned so much as a new mom on the power of breastfeeding and the bond it creates.

My take in this chapter was learning the difference between the nutrients breast milk carries and the attempt formula tries to match. It doesn’t compare. How much more does God desire an authentic relationship and not a formula. It just doesn’t compare. Share with us your thoughts on this chapter! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Challenge: Read Chapter B (Breastfeeding) of "Baby Lessons from A to Z." (DOWNLOAD BOOK) Watch the video on YouTube! (BE MADE WHOLE TV)


Applying the Baby Lesson: How authentic have you been in your walk with the Lord? Have you feared being real with Him because He may not like what He sees and hear? Or are you learning what it means to be authentically in relationship with Him? Comment below!