Welcome back familia! Today we're sharing on the letter O for Outrunning Mommy! Z and I were chuckling so much through this story as I shared with her about how much effort she put into outrunning me, but mommy always managed to catch her. It was too cute! Did you read the chapter yet? Check it out! If you haven't had the time to do so, make sure to get your copy of the book for only $6. Link Below. Join us as we read each story and then comment below on your thoughts!!

Challenge: Read Chapter O (Outrunning Mommy) of "Baby Lessons from A to Z." (DOWNLOAD BOOK) Watch the video on YouTube! (BE MADE WHOLE TV)

Applying the Baby Lesson: In today’s topic, we talked about Zinai trying to outrun mommy. Have you every found yourself trying to outrun God? Has He been challenging areas in your life that you feel, if you just run fast enough, He will leave you alone?n Or maybe you feel like you’ve run so far from Him, that you feel like you’ve outrun Him and He’s left you to yourself. I’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts! :)