Oh today's topic is a great one! Make sure to listen in and read today's chapter M on medicating the Illness and not the symptoms. Z and I got a chance to discuss the difference between the symptoms and the root of some of where they come from. If you haven't had the time to do so, make sure to get your copy of the book for only $6. Link Below. Join us as we read each story and then comment below on your thoughts!!

Challenge: Read Chapter M (Medicating the Illness, Not the Symptoms) of "Baby Lessons from A to Z." (DOWNLOAD BOOK) Watch the video on YouTube! (BE MADE WHOLE TV)

Applying the Baby Lesson: Have you ever found yourself trying to fix something, but somehow it keeps resurfacing. The root may be deeper than what you think needs fixing. What have you discovered need to be dealt with at the root problem? Share your thoughts! We want to hear from you! :)