A Mother's Love!  I fell in love instantaneously with this "little human" (as Zinai now calls children). All I wanted to do was give her a better world than the one I thus far had sojourned through. I was suddenly filled with fear at how unprepared I felt. All the moms on Facebook and Instagram made it look so easy. I was confused about how "perfect" they were 3 months after birth and I was struggling trying to figure out how to take a shower and eat while Z napped. I was swollen, sleep deprived and feeling oh so inadequate. I kept checking in to see if Dr. Autry had inadvertently forgotten to pull out the manual that was supposed to come right behind Zinai through the birth canal. Just in case.


I couldn’t' figure out what this journey would look like. And we're still learning so much. All that I thought I knew meant nothing. I was incredibly humbled. All my structures, coordination and formulas went out the window. Talk about emergency system shut down. I thought google had all the answers?! Nope. Nada.


But HIS LOVE holds together what answers can’t.


In this chapter, I talk about how God reveals His love for us through our own flawed and fragmented way of loving. Even in our deepest desire to love perfectly, we are imperfect. But His love is perfect. And it is His love that far exceeds the new found love as a mom. Tell me what you think!

Challenge: Read Chapter A (A Mother's Love) of "Baby Lessons from A to Z." (DOWNLOAD BOOK) Watch the video on YouTube! (BE MADE WHOLE TV)


Applying the Baby Lesson: Wherever you find yourself in this journey (as a daughter/son or having had a child or not), in what ways have you (re)discovered the love of God in your own life? Comment below!