To allow God to love others genuinely through our hearts requires a humbling of that heart, which compels us to lay aside every sin, weight, judgment, prejudice and indictment.

Often we are taken through the road most travelled, by making mistakes that takes us by surprise because we never thought we were capable of such mistakes. But it’s that road that leads us to the road less travelled, of true love, compassion and forgiveness. The kind that compels others to ask, “what must I do to be saved?”

It requires a stripping of our self-sufficiency recognizing our own insufficiencies before a God that loved us while we were yet sinners.

It means boasting, not in the things that lands the stamp of approval and solidifies us as Christians. But in the overwhelming gratitude of being loved by God, through the things that would deny us access to His very presence.

It means being grateful to be used as a vessel, that when we encounter another broken vessel, all we want is to bring them to the place where wholeness takes place in Christ… not where holes are scrutinized, aggravated and aggrandized to make ourselves feel better about our inner brokenness.

Loving our neighbor as ourselves means, being full aware of the wrong, but denying the right to remain angry or bitter, because the same grace that we receive and believe covered us and suffices for our weaknesses, suffices for them to the same degree.

Saying Yes to God means saying no to ourselves. It means relinquishing the natural humanistic response to pain and recognize the humanity in others. The humanity for which Christ died for. The humanity in need of God’s unconditional love, which calls to be reflected through us.

And love does not exist without correction and truth. It is because of God’s love that we seek to please Him by denying ourselves. It is the truth that sets us free from the bondage of sin. But truth coming from a place of genuine love and compassion is what carries the DNA for change to truly occur. Because of Love.

And it doesn’t mean laying our life… all to be trampled over. Christ took care of that on the cross. But rather, it means laying our need to stand above others, and instead, kneeling beside them so that we both may stand before His unwavering Sovereignty. For He knows all things. But it is then that we allow God’s love through our heart, to cover, not just the multitude of our sins, but theirs.