I want to tell her that no matter how ‎complex‬, what this world needs is ‎truth‬‪solutions‬ and ‪love‬ in ‪action‬, not just a walled-in conversation of the obvious wrongs‬. I want to tell her that it doesn’t matter that her hair ‪‎texture‬ is different than mine or that her ‪complexion‬ being lighter than daddy’s is ok. She is a ‪natural‬ ‎kinky‬‎curly‬ beauty. I want to tell her that her being ‪bilingual‬ is awesome and that she is ‪blessed‬‪beautiful‬and ‪‎brilliant‬. I want to tell her that loving people no matter where they are in life, is what she is ‪‎called‬ to do and that ‪serving‬ her neighbor is the highest calling in response to serving God. I want to tell her that her ‪‎smile‬ is the entryway to bringing ‪light‬ to a ‪dark‬ world. I want to tell her that her primary‪ identity‬ is in ‪Christ‬ and that informs her being a strong ‪AfroLatina‬ (or as she says it: “blackominican”). No one can take that away from her. I want to tell her that there is nothing wrong with her Mommy being ‪‎Dominican‬ and her Daddy being ‪Black‬ and that no matter what, #love does transcend ‪‎conflict‬ and ‪‎historical‬‪#‎cultural‬ ‪#‎tensions‬. I want to prepare her for the heartbreak of being in the middle. Not Black enough. Not Latina enough. And certainly, Not White. But to stand firm and #unapologetically in her #uniqueness and #individuality. God made her a QUEEN for such a time as this. Elsa got nothing on her! I want to tell her to allow her spirit to flourish and her creativity to flow in the face of those trying to drown it. I want to tell her that when she needs to cry, she isn’t weak for doing so, but to use those tears to propel her to purpose and power in Him. I want to tell her that her #laughter is contagious and her beauty is soul, not just skin deep. I want to tell her that all of who makes her who she is: her dreams, thoughts, feelings, joy, pain, desires, flaws, imperfections…her life…matters. I want her to know that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Intentionally. Powerfully. Beautifully, Zinai.

And so, I will. With every fiber of my being for as long as God allows me to. I will tell her… Rather, I will show her. My prayer today.