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"Here Lies...Me" | Happy BIRTHday

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"Here Lies...Me" | Happy BIRTHday

Thirty three has much significance

A fulfillment of promises, is certainly true

It is also the age of Jesus died

Renting the veil of the conclusion many drew

Thirty years later, now unlearning

Being humbled by wisdom’s confrontation

That on my best, formula led days

My plans fall short of God’s revelation


At Thirty Three, Jesus felt the weight

Of His yes, to those who would say no

Yet despite wanting the cup to pass by

He said, ‘not my will;’ ‘I will go.’


I’m not Jesus nor do I measure up

But as I seek to exhale His breath

I can’t just celebrate a resurrection

Without the addressing the necessary death


I needed to sit in the ashes

Without neglecting the beauty in the constellation

There, is where grace and grief held hands

And I finally embrace them both, as celebration

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