Yesterday, I was on my way from Jersey to an event in NYC, where I had an opportunity to serve. I stood on the platform by the doors of the PATH train. As most commuters do on their way to their destination,  we all rushed to the first seat we could find as soon as the doors opened. I caught a glimpse of a two-seater and went straight there. No one sat next to me. It wasn't overcrowded and everyone was minding their own business. That's rare so I counted it a blessing!

After settling down and journaling during that commute, I looked up and  across. I noticed that above the two sliding doors I walked through just a few stops before, the numbers 7 and 8 were placed respectively. I chuckled and thought to myself, "How cute. 7 and 8. We're in the month of July (7) and getting ready to enter the month of August (8). And I'm right in between." I said that again to myself, "I'm right in between."

I took to Snapchat and captured the realization with a picture, but that sat with me for a little while. I thought about 2 Corinthians 12:9, "'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." And I said to myself, "There is grace in the between. There is power in the in between." 

That inspired the poem I wrote this morning as I poured my heart out to the Lord. Let it be a blessing as it encouraged me to find grace in the "in between" and find joy on my way to "My Forever." 

I'm somewhere in between

Door 7 and 8

July and August

Safe and Faith


I'm somewhere in between

Completion and New Beginning

Past and Future

The injury and scars from the healing


I'm somewhere in between

Blank canvas and masterpiece

Note and composition

Past pain and working peace


I'm somewhere in between

Thought and voice

Tears and laughter

Deafening silence and joyful noise


I'm somewhere in between

The purpose and the promise

Shaken and stability

Sinking ground and Solid


I'm somewhere in between

Letting go and holding on 

It happened and I'm over it

I'm stuck and moving on


I'm somewhere in between

Tired and running the race

Overwhelmed and overjoyed

At Your feet and seeking Your face


I'm somewhere in between

Prudence and spontaneity

Humiliation and humility

My humanity and Your Deity


I'm somewhere in between

I'll go and it is finished

The manger and the cross

Sinner and without blemish


I'm somewhere in between

Where I started and the end

The curse and the legacy

The bleeding and Your hem


I'm somewhere in between

Where I went left and stayed right

My thorn and Your grace

My surrender and Your fight


I'm somewhere in between

Where I was and where I'll be

Who I was and meant to be

Your design and my destiny


I'm somewhere in between

Fear and Trust

Works and Worth

Spirit and Dust


I'm somewhere in between

Body and Soul

Infant and elder

Leaking and Whole


I'm somewhere in between

The darkness and Your light

My hurt and Your love

My wrong and Your right


I'm somewhere in between

Death and resurrection

Night 1 and day 3

Sacrifice and glorification


Endings mean new beginnings

But there is always an in between

It's called the process, the journey

Of what it means to be redeemed


I'm sure it's no surprise to You

I'm far from "all together"

All I have is "Not my will, but Yours"

The in between, before You, My Forever