Yesterday, my car’s battery died in the middle of pouring rain. An almost brand new Infiniti G37X, mind you. Haven’t had it for a year yet. A nice gentlemen really was trying so hard to get my car to start. I have roadside assistance with GEICO but he really wanted to help. So I let him try.

No matter how much he tried, my car wouldn’t start. We concluded that his 4 cylinder engine wasn’t strong enough to kick-start my 6-cylinder so all attempts were in vain.

At that point I reached out to my dad to see if he was anywhere near me because daddy just always knows what to do. Turns out he wasn’t far and immediately came to me in his truck. But the same thing happened. My car would not start. My dad said, did you check the cables. I said no. I assumed they just worked. He said, “let me use mine instead.” Soon after, my car was back running like normal. So grateful for my daddy coming to the rescue but I learned a couple of valuable life lessons.

When life happens:

1. You need people around you who have enough engine power to set you back on track when you have nothing left. Great intentions just don’t cut it. You need purpose and power.

2. Make sure that you don’t just assume things are working in your life because they are present. You never want to be caught in the middle of a storm and those you depend on ‘aren’t working.’

3. Nothing ever beats when Daddy (God) comes to the rescue with the right tools because He knows exactly what He is doing.

Now, off to the dealer to replace my battery!!